An FM Transmitter for Audiophiles

Ok, so not really.... However, it did work pretty good as long as you could see the lights. Which was all that I needed.

Simple FM Transmitter for Christmas Light Displays

Let's face it, I was a broke 18 or 19 year old and had spent most of the extra money I had on a couple of LOR controllers. I ran way too many incandescent mini lights off of each controller and just hoped the ceramic fuses wouldn't blow. I pushed the limits but I had a decent show for fairly cheap. Once I had the lights being controlled I needed a way for people to hear the audio without driving my neighbors insane.

At the time the Ramsey transmitters were too expensive, so my "frugalness" led me to do a google search and then to my car. I had found an article about how to hack the belkin FM Transmitters that were widely used back then to transmit audio from a music player such as an iPod to your car radio. Bluetooth you're so much better! I basically cracked it open and spliced a longer wire to the antenna. Soldering would have probably been a better solution, but at the time I didn't know how to solder.

This is a video of my display from around 2006.