Just for laughs

So as previously stated in the history section, I started this site when I was in my teens. I just happened to find this video that I made 12 or 13 years ago around the age of 19. I had hosted it on the site for a couple of years and then eventually had uploaded it to vimeo. As you can tell the quality is superb, there is nothing like recording on an 8mm tape and then transferring from 8mm > vhs > dvd recorder > pc. While I still mumble and have a pretty thick southern accent, I would like to think I'm not quite as bad as I sounded in these videos haha.

The Ball of Lights method

First let me give credit to my dad, he was helping me put up at the time around 20,000 incandescent mini lights and he said, you should store the lights like this. Definitely not a ground breaking technique but it was new to me and it worked amazingly well. I made the little video and it was shared a few different places on different forums etc.. while it's an old video and the production quality is top notch. The video does illustrate a great way to store your Christmas lights if you're not already storing them this way.